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Specializing in Reclaimed Antique Flooring

With 15+ years in the business of selling reclaimed heart pine lumber, we like to consider ourselves specialist. Our lumber is milled to order and cut from 100+ year old buildings. See what we have to offer

Welcome to Hampton Heartpine

Your Heart Pine flooring specialist

We specialize in heart pine flooring reclaimed from 100+ year old historical buildings. This is #1 premium flooring. The rich coloration and the tight grains are like no other wood in existence today. We have quarter sawn, select grade, character grade, and cabin grade. All our wood is 100% real wood, no multiple layers or chemical composites.

Benefits of reclaimed lumber

Because of its' age reclaimed lumber is much less likly to warp or split than modern timbers. These trees where allowed to grow for years past maturity giving them a dense ring pattern and adding stability to the wood. At the time these timbers where reclaimed they had been exposed to the elements for centuries. It has withstood the test of time and this and gained unmatched strength and durabilty in the process.
You will no doubt notce that the planks of reclaimed timber are wider than its modern counterpart. That is because it was allowed to grow for centuies making the rings in reclaimed timber much wider than you’d find in newer lumber. Its' history can be seen in the knots, nail holes, and other markings to give the wood a charming character and uniqe beauty.
Reclaimed lumber is a great choice for the enviromentaly conscience. Because it's milled from antique lumber it prevents the need to for further deforestation. Not only does this protect our forest, it also protects our atmosphere from the emmissions and the local populations from the impact of logging operations.

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